Big Screams is a participative mobile phone game played on a giant screen for up to 30 users. Dial the number shown on the screen, then scream your head off. Your voice moves your critter and pushes everyone else away. You win when you’ve screamed away all the others.
Participants dial the on-screen phone number to create their critter. These critters appear in various shapes, colours, sizes, and are tagged with the caller’s phone number to be easily recognized by the owner.
Your critter reacts on screen to screams into your mobile phone. The loudest screamer is attracted to the centre of the screen and repels all others away from it. If a critter falls out of the screen’s bounds, it gets disconnected and the caller must dial again to get back into the game.
The object is therefore not only to scream the loudest, but to scream the loudest for the longest period of time.
Big Screams is built with openFrameworks.
The call system is provided by MegaPhone, a technology that enables interactions between audiences and screens by turning any phone into a controller.